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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Understanding HPRP

There have been several meetings hosted by CCEH and DSS since the start of HPRP in October 2009.  And many regions and cities have had meetings internally to discuss the challenges and yes, successes of HPRP as well. We have heard many comments, questioning the intentions of HPRP.  The word "doubletalk" has been presented several times as providers share that there have been mixed messages regarding who the program is intended to serve.

1.  Should we serve households with zero income? 
2.  Is the program for the chronically homeless? 
3.  What if we know someone won't be sustainable? 
4.  What if they return to homelessness? 
5.  What about the outcomes? 

This issues are all related to each other, so before I offer an answer from several sources please share your comments.