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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Q&A: Can we serve criminal offenders or ex-offenders?

See question and answer below from HUD regarding serving ex-offenders:

If otherwise eligible for HPRP assistance, can ex-offenders or offenders who are scheduled for release but have no suitable housing options be assisted with HPRP?

HPRP regulations do not require grantees to disqualify individuals or families based on criminal history. HUD requires only that all program participants meet the minimum eligibility criteria and that grantees comply with all local and Federal requirements.
Grantees are allowed flexibility in designing their programs, which means they have the discretion to establish their own policies regarding ex-offenders. If grantees choose to serve ex-offenders with HPRP funds, it is the role of grantees and subgrantees to work with landlords in developing strategies to reduce barriers to housing for ex-offenders.

Per the definitions in HPRP Notice, persons who have been incarcerated for less than 180 days and were homeless prior to entering the institution would be assisted under the rapid re-housing category. Persons that have been in the institution for longer than 180 days would be assisted under the prevention category.

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